Wild Hare Beer Co.

Wild Hare was more than a local watering hole! Besides a wall of taps serving the best beers brewed in Tennessee, they also carried an excellent selection of beers to take home and tasty food to go along with it.

Owner Mark Cook has a rich history in the Hashing community (a drinking group with a running problem, as they say). He and a friend came up with a rabbit named Gisbert as a mascot for their local hashing group. Knowing the importance of Gisbert’s legacy and the need for updating their brand, I vowed to find a way to work him in.

Their existing mascot had no consistent type treatment or wordmark, and their name meant far more in words than our illustrated friend could convey. So, I brought the silhouette of Gisbert alongside a powerful wordmark to create a bold identity to represent Mark’s legacy and the future of Wild Hare.