Remedify addressed the need for easy-to-understand cleaning instructions for surgical instruments.

The Challenge

The techs that clean surgical equipment want to make sure that instruments are clean, sterile, and ready for their next use. However, instructions for use are buried in books or PDFs that are typically only accessible by supervisors. This forces a lot of techs to make the best guess about how to efficiently clean the equipment. And that results in infections and large costs to the hospitals.

My Approach

Working with founder Avery Fisher and a small team consisting of a few developers and a content author, we spent a Saturday whiteboarding. We nailed down exactly what the app had to do and—with the help of the devs—how to do it.

With location-based authorization, techs would be able to sign in from their phones, tablets, or any computer within range. So, I set out to make sure that the mobile experience was just as effective as the desktop.

I developed an iconic language to complement the simplified instructions and worked with our content author to keep copy lean and direct.


While Remedify has since shut down, I know we solved a real-world problem that, if adopted, would have saved lives and money.