“KC was instrumental in getting the NourishWise app to market, cleanly. It was paramount for us to keep our design simple, clean and intuitive. KC was able to turn our strategy to reality. That reality continues to garner compliments from our users today.”

Jason Denenberg, Founder of NourishWise

If you’re watching what you eat, some apps are really helpful. While almost all of them have nutritional information on chain restaurants, none of them have that information for local, non-chain establishments—none of them except for NourishWise.

Launching first in Nashville and coming to other cities soon, NourishWise gives users healthy, delicious food options wherever they are in the city. And usually within walking distance (which the app also shows).

The Challenge

We had to create a mobile application in a very short time period with a limited budget. It had to be able to display lots of food options with great visual appeal and it needed to offer the ability to get the food or get TO the food easily.

My Approach

Working with founder Jason Denenberg, we took a hack weekend approach to produce the MVP. We spent a few hours doing some hard core whiteboarding. We were able to determine the necessary features for MVP and even plan for some future implementations.

I spent the rest of the day cranking out wireframes and prototypes. I would upload to Invision, text Jason, get feedback, discuss, revise, and do it all over again. After a few revisions to the flow and content, I got into the visual design portion.


Timelines can be a challenge. Even more so when you’re working with a limited budget. But an engaged client can make it all seem so easy. Jason was consistently available for feedback and collaboration, so we were able to address technical or content questions quickly and effectively.


After a few extra sessions to tighten things up, NourishWise was launched and is currently growing and receiving a lot of love from its Nashville audience. I’m still consulting as needed and glad to see Jason and team build on the success of what we created together.