Clarify Your Message


For serious marketers and business owners, Donald Miller’s Storybrand is an invaluable tool. Clarify Your Message connects businesses with creative talent that understands the Storybrand model.

The Challenge

After training a number of Storybrand Certified Agencies and Guides, Don wanted to give the businesses an easy way to find them and give those agencies and guides and easy way to manage their leads and connect with customers.

My Approach

With sketchpad in hand, I worked closely with Storybrand’s Kyle Reid to get our rough draft down on paper. After that meeting, I looked at related products for finding endorsed professionals to see what was working for them and what wasn’t. The first goal was to create a scannable and easy-to-understand list with visual cues to help the user find the information they were looking for.


At one point, a feature was added that allowed a user to track their referrals and keep up with their commissions. Fortunately, I’d created a solid design library that made this an easy feature to execute.

The bigger issue was a busy development team with no margin whatsoever. They were already busy with another project for the same organization. Besides handling the design output, I was also in constant communication with the client. After setting proper expectations and discussing timelines, we found solutions for both projects that were agreeable for both parties.


After the success of MyStoryBrand.com, launching a complementary product that also found a receptive, eager audience was a great win.